Interested about in energy savings?Interested to be prototype target?

Interested about in energy savings?

Patented OptiSun is a new solution.

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Interested to be prototype target?

Contact us and we tell you more about benefits.

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Main parts of OptiSun system

Solar collector

The unique structure and function of the OptiSun solar collector has been optimized for northern conditions and the solar trajectories.

You can fix the temperature of the hot water boiler with it, and get twice the amount of sun energy than with traditional collectors.

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Hot water boiler

OptiSun hot water boiler is sized based on heat demand. With OptiSun hot water boiler the usage of the collector and heat pump as well as the heat transfer are optimized. In addition, the heat losses are minimized.

Heat energy coming from solar collector and exhaust heat pump is transferred to OptiSun hot water boiler without extra heat exchangers. This reduces heat losses.

The OptiSun hot water boiler is pipe-like tank as high as height of a block house. Most preferably it is located to a warm place, for example in the middle gap of the staircase. That’s the way to minimize counterproductive heat losses.

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Exhaust air heat pump

OptiSun exhaust air heat pump have best coefficient of performance (COP), because it takes heat out from all the year room temperature and constant exhaust air flow.

OptiSun exhaust air heat pump can also be installed to block house property which has gravitational ventilation.

If your block house property has exhaust ventilation and exhaust air fans are in good shape, there is no need to renew them.

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